Our breeding

We have the ambition to breed horses that are easy to ride, easy to handle and with the willingness to perform in competition.

Our mares

In 2009 we bought five high quality mares from Iceland. We then added a breeding World champion from Germany. These six mares form the foundation for our breeding. Four of them are fivegaiters and two are fourgaiters.

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Our stallions

Bragi frá Kópavogi and Atlas frá Hvolí, are all covering mares at Backome. Please see also Fengur från Backome and Romulus från Backome.

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Our assessed off-springs

We have kept our first offssprings in order to bring them to breeding shows, to be shown by Vignir Jonasson. 2016 was the first year were we presented the real results of our breeding.

In both 2016 and 2017, Backome was awarded Breeder of the Year in Sweden.

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