Our assessed off-springs

We have kept our first offssprings in order to bring them to breeding shows, to be shown by Vignir Jonasson. 2016 was the first year were we presented the real results of our breeding.

In both 2016 and 2017, Backome was awarded Breeder of the Year in Sweden.

Our assessed off-springs

Rómulus från Backome

SE 2013105662 Read more

Rán från Backome

SE2012204591 Read more

Fagra från Backome

SE2013205663 Read more

Kleopatra från Backome

IS 2012204589 Read more

Saga från Backome

SE 2012204592 Read more

Hera från Backome

SE 2012204590 Read more

Hector från Backome

SE 2011103134 Read more

Fengur från Backome

SE 2011103133 Read more