Our mares

In 2009 we bought five high quality mares from Iceland. We then added a breeding World champion from Germany. These six mares form the foundation for our breeding. Four of them are fivegaiters and two are fourgaiters.

Our mares

Kvika vom Forstwald

DE 2002243682 Read more

Rauðhetta frá Kommu

IS 2005265890 Read more

Sædis från Backome

IS 2011203135 Read more

Hryðja frá Hvolí

IS 1998287130 Read more

Fjóla frá Kirkjubæ

IS 2002286102 Read more

Smáralind frá Syðra-Skörðugili

IS 2001257516 Read more

Roðadís frá Kvistum

IS 2005281961 Read more