Kvika vom Forstwald

DE 2002243682

Kvika vom Forstwald is the second highest judged fourgaited mare of all times. Kvika won the 7+ years class at the World Championships in 2009.

Kvika received the points 7.67 in her first toelt competition, only 6 years old.

Her mother, Snerpa frá Dalsmynni, took a bronze medal in fourgait at the WC in 1999 and was in the A-final in toelt. Father, Dökkvi frá Mosfelle, has the incredible points of 8.63 for ridden abilities as a fourgaiter.


F Dökkvi frá Mosfelle (8.54)
FF Orri frá þúfu (8.31)
FM Dimma frá Gunnarsholti
M Snerpa frá Dalsmynni
MF Gnýfari frá Dalsmynni
MM Röst frá Reykavik


Kléopatra från Backome

F: Tigull frá Kleiva (8.44)

IS 2012204589

Blup 122

Kolumbus från Backome

F: Teigur vom Kronshof (8.63)

SE 2013105661

Blup 118

Kolskeggur från Backome

F: Bragi frá Kopavógi (8.31)

SE 2014106300

Blup 113

Kolur från Backome

F: Atlas frá Hvolí (8.60)


Blup 120

Kjanorka från Backome

F: Viking från Österåker

SE 2016270848

Blup 120

Karólína från Backome

F: Viking från Österåker

SE 2017223903

Blup 120

Ridden abilities

Toelt 9.0
Trot 9.0
Pace 5.0
Gallop 9.5
Spirit 9.5
General impression 9.5
Walk 8.0
Slow tölt 9.5
Canter 9.5
Ridden abilities 8.60
Total 8.56


Head 7.5
Neck-Withers-Shoulders 8.5
Back-Croup 8.5
Proportions 8.5
Leg quality 8.5
Legs joints 8.5
Hooves 9.0
Main-Tail 8.5
Conformation 8.50
Blup 114

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