Horses for sale


At Backome there are always horses for sale. Please make contact with us to find the perfect horse for you. 

We have competition horses at all levels as well as quality horses for leisure riding. Vignir has also young horses for sale. Vignir has also the best contacts in Iceland and can help you find the perfect horse from there.

We, the Wingstand family, have decided not to sell our firstborn horses too early. We want to learn by watching them grow up and develop. In a couple of years we will probably also sell youngsters.

We put great emphasis on getting to know the horses that are for sale in order to find the right horse for the right owner. We normally don´t accept selling horses on comission.

Please come to Backome and see for yourself. 10-15 horses are sold at Backome each year.

At Backome we have always several horses for sale.